Nancy Burke CST

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Nancy Burke CST

As a wholistic health educator, Nancy’s practice focuses on a wholistic approach to working with the body and encouraging preventative care. She teaches clients self-help techniques so that they can continue building on the benefits of bodywork on a daily basis. Nancy brings a variety of modalities into her work as needed, including herbology and flower essences.

Her early interest in the body began with her training as a professional dancer. She went on to complete her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology with an emphasis on dance therapy at Sonoma State University. This early body awareness led her to studying Chinese medicine, particularly acupressure and Chinese herbology.

Nancy Burke CST Soon after launching her private practice in 1989, Nancy experienced Craniosacral Therapy with a colleague and became extremely interested in this healing technique. She embarked upon her extensive training in Craniosacral Therapy, beginning her training with the Upledger Institute. After completing advanced training, she was a preceptor with the Upledger Institute, and she was an assistant teacher for a number of years with the Upledger Institute.

Her studies continued with Alain Gehin, a French osteopath. This training has been very inspiring and has included pediatric techniques, visceral manipulation with the organ systems, connective tissue, and direct technique cranial work. Nancy has combined the indirect technique she learned in her study with the Upledger Institute with the direct technique of Dr. Gehin and applies this combination in her work with clients.

Nancy believes in the body’s ability to heal itself, if given the support and assistance it needs. She acts as a facilitator in this process and believes each person is his or her own healer in this process.

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May 2012
Nancy Burke was instrumental in helping my son successfully breastfeed after his tongue tie procedure. We feel so fortunate to have experienced her kindness, gentleness and skilled touch. She truly is gifted with infants as well as fatigued parents. I can’t recommend her enough!
  ~ Anonymous

October 2010
Thanks to Nancy’s practiced touch, my body is always eased and shifted when she works with me. Whether I come in with an injury, stress or discomfort, I can feel the improvement and healing from Nancy’s amazing work.
  ~ Merry Selk, communications consultant

March 2010
I’ve been taking my two daughters to Nancy since the youngest one was a baby. I knew right away that I had found someone with extraordinary knowledge and intuition about the body. Both my girls saw her frequently during the braces stage and Nancy was able to address a number of issues that came up with orthodontia — headaches, imbalances in the body and anxiety issues. Nancy is warm and intuitive and will make your child feel right at home on the table, encouraging them to chat and look at "Where is Waldo?" books. She is one of the best and most experienced cranio-sacral practitioners in the Bay Area and I highly recommend her.
  ~ Zoe FitzGerald Carter

February 2010
Nancy Burke came into our family’s lives a few years ago when we were referred to her by Pediatric Alternatives’ Lyndi Woodard, MD. Our daughter had pronated feet from birth we were concerned for.

Nancy’s cranial–sacral and various other techniques combined with her welcoming personality allowed our young daughter to feel comfortable enough to lay through hour tandem and single practitioner session treatments. Unheard of for a one to three year old. The results have been what we sought. She is able to run and play without impediment. We continue to bring our daughter to Nancy when she falls or needs a maintenance treatment as she continues to grow.

As a holistic health practitioner, myself, I am particular to say the least when it comes to others caring for myself and my family. I have seen the caring, dedicated, tolerant side of Nancy that has continued our relationship with her not only as clients, but as a colleague I refer my clients to.

I, myself, have received tremendous relief with Nancy’s treatments when other practitioners could not make a difference and had made things worse. Nancy is a gifted, caring practitioner who deserves to be compensated much more than her sliding fee. And yet she continues to allow us all to benefit from her care by enabling us to afford her services.

Thank you, Nancy! You are a blessing for our family and for my clients who have received your care.
  ~ Samantha F., Albany, CA

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